Online entertainment

Herdwick Ewe

Internet people sometimes are the best and one of our favourite accounts to follow is that of James Rebanks, aka, the Herdwick Shepherd on Twitter and Instagram. His first book ‘The Shepherd’s Life’ was a run away success, and quite rightly, it’s fabulous.  He is a hill farmer in the Lake District and after an unsuccessful school career, chose to work at his education, culminating in a double first degree in history at Magdalen College Oxford while continuing to work on his father’s and now his farm.  As well as writing he works for Unesco as an advisor on sustainable tourism.  He mostly farms Herdwick Sheep, championed a hundred years ago by Beatrix Potter

At this time of year he is just coming out of his busy lambing period and this morning has been judging an online sheep show (yes these things do exist – mostly not online though).  This video of a three year old handling a Leicester sheep as big as her, is priceless.

For a bit more of an insight into his very different lifestyle from the most of us, check out his Desert Island Discs recording.


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