Thank Goodness for Walks

We’ve had a bit of a tumultuous week or so.  This isn’t a personal reflection or unburdening blog so I will leave it at that.  What has been utterly crucial for both of us is the ability to take long-ish walks locally.  We are very fortunate to have some lovely walks very close.  Right behind us is Woodhouse Ridge.  This is an unspoilt and undeveloped steep ridge that is covered in mature woodland.  It’s a real oasis in what is essentially a suburban part of North Leeds. It has been used for leisure for many years and there is an old bandstand, a relic from Victorian times.  It has a network of trails and it provides a welcome respite from the city noise and busy-ness.  Even in lock down there is still a lot happening.  Having said that, the other side of the valley has an urban farm. Now that there is much reduced traffic you can hear the sheep and lambs in the fields – much better than cars and lorries.

It hosts a lot of birds and we regularly see wrens, jays, nuthatches and treecreeepers and recently a couple of pairs of bull finches.  The Ridge forms one of the link roads to the start the Dales Way.  This is a long distance path from Ilkley, via the Dales to the south end of the Lake District.  Having done a bit of research, I think we need to make a commitment to walking the Dales Way in the not too distant future, once ‘all this’ is over. 

In addition to walking – thank goodness for daughters and thank goodness for knitting.  I seem to have developed a compulsive swatch habit – but my I’ve got some good ideas!  


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