Support your Local Yarn Shop

The UK Hand Knitting Association produces a regular newsletter and offers useful reviews of yarn and other items of interest for Knitters and crafters.  Their latest newsletter is of particular interest and has a couple of noteworthy mentions. 

They set out a useful agenda for how you can support your Local Yarn Shop (LYS).  Please note the link below is for UK shops only – though I notice that there is certainly one missing in Yorkshire that I am aware of.

How you can help local yarn shops:

  • Check on our map to see if your local yarn shop is still offering services or contact them directly.
  • If there isn’t a yarn shop near you, why not adopt one further afield that is still offering mail order services?
  • Use a local yarn shop’s online services to replenish your stash or order yarn for a special project.
  • Many shops are offering virtual tours and online advice.
  • If your yarn shop has an online knitting group, join in and help build your local knitting and crochet community.
  • Recommend shops to other people when you have a good experience.

They are also planning to host an online question and answer session with Betsan Corkhill who I have mentioned previously with regard to her work on the therapeutic rewards of knitting and crochet. She is the founder of Stitchlinks, and an expert on “therapeutic knitting”, using knitting to improve our well-being.

She will be joining us for an online Q&A session on Wednesday 22 April at 11.30am (Uk time) to talk about how we can use knitting and crochet to reduce stress and promote good mental health during this challenging period.  If you are interested in the session, you can go to the main UK Hand Knitting Association Site for more details.

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