A Decision

Well it has certainly taken some time but I have finally managed to come to a decision regarding the pattern for my next project.  I don’t know what yarn I’m going to use and haven’t really settled on a shape or structure but it will be a shawl or wrap and almost certainly use 4ply, (fingering) wool.

It seems madness to admit this but this is about the 4th swatch – just using this pattern as I had a number of counting problems along the way.  I know, I know, I’ve been able to count from a very early age, but I was just a bit gung ho with it all and made some silly errors.  The wool for the swatch is the non-superwash merino that I dyed using hibiscus flowers earlier this year.  It’s a lovely old fashioned pink colour and I think the pattern has a slight 1950s look to it.  The two patterns work well together too. I may though change the layout to horizontal layers rather than the vertical stripes. More decisions!

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