Knit knit knit

Knit knit knit, swatch swatch swatch. I’ve never been so stalled with my design process before. I was pretty sure about a top down sweater and just needed to organise the stitches for the yoke.  This just didn’t happen. I have the swatches and the ideas all noted down but for some reason they just didn’t jump off the page for me. I’ll be honest, I have spend 10 days doing nothing but swatches. I have used cotton double knit, merino double knit, merino double knit held with alpaca/silk twist and eventually just went back to what I’m most comfortable with – 4 ply shawls and wraps. 

I blame the virus and the total lockdown has infected my decision making skills. Added to all this indecision was the very strange 4 day Easter weekend that was no different from all the other days. We did raid the cupboard and eat some of our grandson’s chocolate. I don’t suppose he’ll be here for a while so we’ve plenty of time to re-stock it.

I now have a swatch that I’m happy with – well apart from some silly mistakes that I’ll have to redo, as I’m hoping for some yarn support for this! 

Anyway, one bit of it that I’m really pleased with is this alternated wrap stitch – it’s definitely going in the final piece! So look out for some photos in about 6 weeks time. I’m hoping we’ll be out of lockdown by then? I hope I don’t come to regret this statement.

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  1. I love that stitch. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself; it has been so difficult for many of us to put our heads in the right place to be productive. Everything will be ok.


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