Humming Bird

I really enjoy drawing, though absolutely hate starting off.  I have a thought or idea and then put it off for days, sometimes weeks.  I’m not really sure why this happens as once I settle down to it, I get completely lost in it and even if it’s not very good (see dodgy hummingbird!) I love the process.  I really struggled to get the colours right on this and will revisit a similar image at a later date to try and improve this. I also did the head and beak using far too much graphite pencil instead of colours.

different steps in the drawing of a humming bird.

This is quite a small drawing and I’ve been using an A5 moleskin sketch book mostly.  I’ve now had the courage to expand to a full A4 sketch pad – how ambitious!  I have just had to steal myself to start a new project – it’s a pencil outline so far – so it might be a while before it’s ready to share.  

One comment

  1. Wow, Lisa! That is beautiful!! We have hummingbirds visit us regularly and I love them so much! I would compare your dislike of starting a project to casting on for a sweater, or doing inches and inches of ribbing. So many of us knitters dread the process. I’m typically not one of them, but there are times every now and again.


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