A Top Down Sweater – no, two?

Unused pattern motif

I am currently in the planning stage for a top down sweater.  Well that’s not strictly true – I was, but now it seems I’m in the planning stage for two.  I had an idea that I wanted to explore and it was sort of based on an existing pattern motif that I used a while ago.  I went through the stitch books, looked and made notes and chose a set of motifs to show some progression – for a yoked sweater.  I thought it was going to look great.

I then started to swatch them and put them together. It really didn’t look great. It quickly became pretty clear that I had two sweaters here not one. I do have a tendency to over elaborate at the start of the design process and use 12 stitch patterns when two will do. Really – you should see some of the rejected swatches I have! Although I am sure that all the ideas will be used eventually – I’m just not sure where or how.

So the metaphorical* drawing board was taken out again and I ‘think’ I’ve got the makings of two top down sweaters and neither of them has a round yoke.  So much for brilliant ideas!

*My real drawing board is actually used for drawing – well there’s a thing!  


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