Who knew how entertaining webcams could prove to be.  

Edinburgh zoo have a variety of webcams – but Penguins are so entertaining – Penguin cam
rockhopper penguins

Lion Cam at the Smithsonian Zoo –

For a more sedate and relaxing view, you could watch the ferries coming out of Circular Quay in Sydney and go left in front of the Opera House, or right under the bridge.

View of Sydney Harbour at night.
Sydney Harbour – ferries leave from Circular Quay in the centre of the photo

One of our favourite parts of the world is the Lake District in the north west of England.  George Fisher is a outdoor shop in Keswick and you can watch the sun and clouds, and sometimes rain and snow over the top of Skiddaw to the north of the town.  

View of skiddaw from Keswick
View from George Fisher’s shop towards Skiddaw in the Lake District

Finally more animals, but not from a static webcam – Chester Zoo is holding its second virtual zoo visit on Youtube and Facebook.  I imagine that it will be easier to get on using youtube  –  they are doing a live session on the hour till 3 pm.  Their youtube channel is worth checking out for some great videos and information on the conservation work they are doing.  


  1. I am sharing with you my favorite live stream. ECAD breeds service dogs. They have to learn over 120 commands COLD! The little ones that don’t graduate are adopted to homes where they are suited for therapy or comfort dogs. I stream this at school and the kids love to come in and see how the puppies grown. They even film them while they are in “school”. I think all schools should have a golden retriever therapy dog. ( I also think it should sit under my desk when not making rounds! lol)


      • I know!!!! I am telling you, it keeps me out of prison some days! Some of the teachers will put it up on their Smartboards to play in the background while kids work on assignments. It is very calming and informational. Nature is truly one of our greatest healers! I am convinced that the cure for all disease is in Golden Retriever kisses!! ok, so maybe I’m a little nutz, but it would not surprise me if it were true.


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