Stories and Creative Writing

It’s certainly strange time now with everyone working at home if they can for the foreseeable future. There are some great online events being delivered including online PE lessons for children, a daily bird watching talk from Chris Packham and his newly formed Self Isolating Bird Club.

There are of course a mystifying wealth of suggestions for home schooling – most of which are not particularly helpful.  Probably the most effective advice is to do stuff with your children and read!

Frank Cotterell-Boyce’s reading chair

Talking of reading, the British children’s author, Frank Cotterell-Boyce has been reading an extract from his book, The Astounding Broccolli Boy, every day on Instagram.  Part 1 Chapter 1 is here . As a result of pressure from others he’s also started a series of ‘Creative Writing’ sessions for children, but anyone can take part. 

He was responsible for the storyline for all the sections of the fantastic London Olympic Opening Ceremony in 2012.  You can see lots of extracts from it on the 2012 site.   More details about Frank and his work are on Wikipedia.

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