Baby Cabin Blanket – 30 March

The most well behaved baby ever!

I am delighted that I’ll be publishing the Baby Cabin Pattern on Ravelry next Monday 30 March at 10 am, BST.  It has been a delight to work on this project from the very start.  It started of course when my friends and neighbours told me their good news.  They are an Italian-American couple so I thought it might be nice to reflect that in some way.  I quickly dismissed any derivatives of national flag colours/designs – mainly as I prefer things to be simple. I had just completed a mosaic shawl – currently being tested and I really enjoyed the process of mosaic knitting.  I started off with an idea for a log cabin design and did about 3 sections in the ‘correct’ way – working one and then picking up stitches from one side and working a new section.  It was clear pretty quickly that this would be very bulky, untidy and probably not particularly straight. 

10 sections in total

I decided to create the log cabin effect, using a variety of mosaic patterns.  I really enjoyed working out the various patterns and tried to keep each of the levels with only one slightly more complicated design.  It involved a lot of research and a lot of swatches – most of which were discarded but am happy with the eventual outcome.  So to go with the traditional American log-cabin design I chose some, for me, Italian themed colours – lemon and olive.  I am very pleased with the final blanket and the recipient seems to be too!  

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