Heads and Shoulders – MDK

This is the second part to yesterday’s review of some ‘stars‘ on the Mason Dixon Knitting March Mayhem competition. The final two categories are Neck and Shoulders and heads and hands. 

Neck and Shoulders

This is really my favourite section as I do like to create and make a lot of shawls.  There are some real goodies here. 

Koko by Olga Buraya Kefelian is just stunning.  It uses slip stitches but isn’t tagged as mosaic so it sounds rather clever.  I think it is stunning and has a fabulous 1960s feel to both the pattern and the colours.  I love it. 

Nobomi by Noma Ndlovu is just stunning in its simplicity and style.  I love the colours, I love the shape I love the pattern. Nuff said really.  

Polarize Shawl by Courtney Spainhower is just beautiful.  It is mosaic and simple stripes and looks just lovely.  I really like the tassels on the edge too. 

Head and hands

Shik’is Headband  by Jennifer Berg is a lovely twisted ear warmer that looks just great. 

Sagostad Mits by Sofia Kammebord are just delicious.  I don’t really like knitting mitts or gloves as they are just a bit too fiddly for me but I’ll definitely have a go with these. 

Klastar by Woolly Wormhead is yet another one of her classics.  I love her work and think she is a genius. 

You will see from the shawls in particular there are no brioche in my selection. I’m not a fan mainly because it reminds me of the brocade type of material that my mother would have used for  soft furnishings.  I am happy to be persuaded otherwise!

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