MDK Mayhem – stars

Some thoughts on the entries for this year’s March Mayhem on the Mason Dixon Knitting. This is great fun and something that is really welcome at the moment. Voting for round 1 is now open and I have been through them all and voted for my 32 favourite patterns.  There are a few that I just love. 


Complete chance that I have chosen 3 next to each other!

In the Tweeds is a top down sweater in DK with some lovely texture by Tif Neilan.  I think it’s stunning.  I am currently doing some research and swatching for a top down sweater so am very keen to see what is out there already. 

Capel Cross by Jimenez Joseph is just so pretty and simple but so effective.  I love the criss cross feature at the base of the yoke.  Another top down construction! 

For cable fans – Shifting Sands Pullover by Norah Gaughan is a winner. I love the smooth movement of the cables over the whole of the sweater.   Unfortunately, it’s worked flat and I hate hate hate, sewing seams which is a shame as it is a stunning garment. 


I am not a sock knitter and have never been tempted to grab the dpns and attempt to turn a heel.  Perhaps I should?  However, I can still make a choice based on looks and not the process or skills needed. 

Stand outs for me are:

Black Sesame Ice Cream by Clare Devine – I love the name and the eyelets in the cuffs. I think I might also like black sesame ice cream too!

The Atlantis Twins by Designs by Delz – lovely lovely detail.

Planifolia – by verybusymonkey, fabulous integrated patterns that look great.

I’ll do another post looking at head and hands and neck and shoulders over the weekend.  

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