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I am fortunate enough to do the small amount of work that I do from home.  I have however, spent the last 14 years advocating the use of digital technology for learning.  It is now suddenly becoming quite  a thing.  It ‘may’ of course have something to do with the closure of schools, colleges and universities!  There are a lot of resources out there but here are a few that are tried and tested and used extensively by college and university staff all over Europe and the UK. 

Firstly, the Future Teacher talks started in 2017 and provide a superb tool box of resources, discussions and ideas for anyone needing a bit, or a lot, of additional help and support in the use of technology to provide teaching, assessment and of course learning for a wide range of students.  They are all not just excellent educationalists, but are steeped in an ethos of accessibility so their ideas will word for a wide range of students with a multitude of needs.  Subjects they have covered in the past include amongst others:  Self assessment, Inclusive practice, Rich media, digital tools, online learning and assessments. 

Each talk is recorded and the recordings are all still available, and there is a comprehensive resource in the form of a Xerte object.  These are online resources like a beefed up PowerPoint presentation.  They are fantastic, hold astonishing amounts of information and very easy to navigate (Use the left and right arrows at the bottom right hand of the screen). To the left is half of the contents of the ‘digital tools’ object. This resource has 28 ‘pages’ that include a mind map, extensive discussions with HE and FE lecturers as well as resources on ebooks, open educational resources and interactive resources.

Although the majority of the talks were finished a year ago, they are reactivating some of them starting in a week’s time. Friday 27 March has Collaborative Teaching and Learning, inside and outside the classroom – will be at 1300 GMT and the recording and the discussion will be available afterwards.

These is a seriously skilled and talented team and I cannot recommend them highly enough! Go and check them out.

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