March Mayhem

Great idea!

March mayhem in more ways than one.

Firstly, The Yorkshire Yarn Fest was scheduled to take place this Saturday. Due to the current virus situation, it has been cancelled but the clever people there have found a solution. They are going to run 15 minute instagram live sessions during the day for each of their exhibitors.  These will be available afterwards for 24 hours, so if you miss them you can catch them later.

What a great idea.  The details aren’t out yet but you could follow them on instagram –

In these strange times, it’s great to have a small distraction to keep us occupied and give us something to argue about.  I love the little annual online knitting jamboree that is the Mason Dixon Knitting March mayhem that chooses favourite indie patterns. 

This year there are four categories, Sweaters, Feet, Neck and Shoulders, and Head and Hands.  Voting opens on the 19 March (this Thursday) with four rounds of votes for each category.  The grand final between the winner of each category is then voted on between the 3 and 5 of April.  It’s just a bit of fun but it does provide a great showcase for independent knit designers. 

I’ll be honest, my favourites never win but I do enjoy the whole process.  


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