20 Second Corona Songs

As the media gets into an even bigger frenzy by the day around Corona Virus and the panic buying is at astonishingly stupid levels, it was heartening to see a genuine useful bit of crowd sourced information at the weekend.  The Last Leg, is a chat show hosted on Friday night’s by the Aussie comedian, Adam Hills and abetted by Alex Brooker and Josh Widdecombe.  It originally started as a look back at the day’s events at the 2012 Paralympics.  Both Hill and Brooker are disabled and bring a fresh look to current events. As part of the show they set a twitter challenge and last week it was for songs or similar that last for 20 seconds, the recommended time for hand washing in these days of virus containment.  You can search the results with #coronasongs.  To be honest, most of the them are around changing the lyrics but I did really like the agadoo remix. 

I have my own suggestion that I have been using it regularly for the last few days. It was a particular favourite at school – around the age of 13 I think.  It is the middle sectionfrom the song My Conviction from the 1970s musical Hair.  There, that ages me! 

In case you want to sing along –

I would just like to say that it is my conviction

That longer hair and other flamboyant affectations

Of appearance are nothing more

Than the male’s emergence from his drab camoflage

Into the gaudy plumage

Which is the birthright of his sex

In this performance it’s about 30 seconds, but I always have been one to rush a bit.  
Any other 20 second suggestions are very welcome!  

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