Neapolitan Stuff

I have nearly finished the third of the four Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferranti.  My goodness me, what a fabulous and delightful loan these have been. I just love them.  A friend asked if I’d seen them back in December and lent them to me. They are so addictive, I have been rationing the series by making myself read another book between each one of these.

They provide the most accurate and astonishingly candid description of female friendship that I have ever encountered.  Although my experience of friendship at a general level is nothing like the protagonists, the minutiae of the relationship between the two women is so perfect you live their lives with them. My life has been nothing like these women born 10 years before me in a poor neighbourhood in Naples, but my goodness these books describe the female experience of growing up, friendship, education, relationships and motherhood so astutely. 

So to celebrate neapolitan stuff in general.  I’m working on an asymmetric triangle shawl in lemon, pink and pale brown.  It does have a slight look of a neopolitan ice cream and it’s certainly fun to to.  


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