Dog-sitting and de-woolling

I have always had dogs, well until 2004 that is.  Since then we have been dog-less though have enjoyed taking our daughter’s dogs into the woods in the Netherlands in our twice yearly visits.  In the last year our youngest daughter, a different one, has acquired a lovely mongrel that she brought all the way from Ecuador in South America.  She was working on a small trekking centre near to Cayambe and the farm dog had puppies. The local custom is to allow the bitch to feed them and then leave all the puppies outside the market for anyone to take.  Daughter didn’t think this was a good idea and so took it upon herself to find homes for all the puppies – successfully. One of the homes was with her.  Caya as she called her, then traveled around South America with daughter for the next 9 months or so.  She has been to the Amazon, Peru, and all the way down to the south of Argentina as well as flying across the Atlantic. 

They are now both back here in the UK and we dog-sit occasionally when daughter goes away and can’t take her with her.  She is a lovely dog and full of energy. We certainly get plenty of exercise when she is staying with us and she can run and run for a very long time.  As she was born on the farm, there is no evidence of her parentage. However, she has a very strong herding instinct and when you are throwing a ball for her she frequently crouches down in the manner of a border collie. In addition to this she just loves wool. By wool I mean the stuff that comes off the backs of sheep – not ‘yarn’, or any other form of fibre. This has potential for slight disasters – but so far we’ve caught any wool-napping straight away. If you are familiar with merino in particular it has a very strong smell – well it’s vile when it’s wet. I am currently working with some lovely self dyed merino DK. She will jump onto the sofa and snatch a bag with my WiP and take it away. She does have the good grace to look guilty – though I suspect it would be in shreds if we gave her the chance. So although we don’t know what her ‘pedigree’ is we do suspect a background working with sheep maybe in there somewhere. 

So before she arrives, I ‘de-wool’ the house and previous projects, wool awaiting construction, and odds and ends of balls are now on very high shelves.


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