Drawing – but not enough

I enjoy drawing.  I don’t do it enough.  I know this as I have a very very talented brother who tells me to draw every day.  He does and you can tell! 

I do like using coloured pencils but as mentioned above, I really don’t practice enough.  When I do draw, I really enjoy the feeling of immersion that it brings.  I have been drawing a little bit this year. Not every day but I am getting a small collection of not very good drawings. I’ve been working in pencil only – not coloured pencils but think I may be tempted to have another go having found the images below. I was reducing the number of photos on my phone and I totally forgetten about these. I did them last year and although there is a lot wrong with them, I remember how much I enjoyed doing them/it. It is actually just one drawing in its various stages. You can also see the various shadows of the phone – so not very expertly done!

If I’m feeling brave I may post some of my other drawings at a later date.


  1. I love those images! I thought the lighting was all part of the effect. I think using colored pencils is very difficult. I never got a pleasing result. This might explain why I stopped trying when I was 10!! 🙂 You are very talented.

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