Classic Blue – colour of the year

Pantone are the colour people who provide services to help define, communicate and control colour from inspiration to realisation.  They are the ones who decide exactly what a particular colour is called and how it is made up.  Each year they designate a ‘colour of the year’ and this year for the start of the decade of the twenties it is pantone classic blue.  This is what I would call a ‘good blue’.  It’s astonishing how difficult it is to find this when you are shopping for wool for hand knitting.  There are lots of variegated hand dyed yarns of all shades and depths of blue with additions of green to make a sort of teal variation or some other colour that is incorporated into the mix. If you are a fan of the traditional blue and white combination, you really do need to be able to find a ‘good blue’.
Counterchange mosaic shawl

Last year I completed a shawl using just this combination and although the blue wasn’t exactly what I wanted it did turn out very very well indeed.  Counterchange will be on Yarnpond in the next week or so for testing and I’m hoping that it will be published in the late Spring.

There is a long history of white and blue for interior decoration or crockery.  Blue and white pottery was created in The Netherlands to imitate the porcelain that was being imported by the Dutch East India Company from China.  Delftware is still made in great quantities.  You can see it in art works such as ‘The Milkmaid’ by Johannes Vermeer from around 1657/8.  English potteries quickly tried to copy them and Thomas Minton created the ‘Willow Pattern’ in the late 18th Century.  The story of Willow pattern is
So as a fan of white and blue design, I’m delighted that Pantone classic blue is the colour of the year – whatever that means.


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