Name that knit?

When you design your own patterns, sometimes the name is so obvious and is just right straight away. For the Perivale Wrap, it was inspired by the Hoover Building in Perivale, West London.  This is a wonderful art deco factory built in 1933. The Perivale was just an obvious choice.  With other patterns the name creeps up on you and simply presents itself. Tanilba Bay was a place we visited about a year ago in New South Wales. The wrap was finished and I was toying with ideas around Morecambe Bay in the North West of England that is the largest expanse of intertidal mud flats and sand in the the UK.  Then I remembered a walk we’d done in Australia across a bay at low tide – very similar but much smaller than Morecambe Bay.  And there was the name – Tanilba Bay – obvious when it appears.

Close up of knitting stitches

I have recently finished a wrap that I have been planning for a long time. I started the design as submission to a magazine, but I couldn’t get my ideas together. I must have done over 10 swatches till I eventually settled on the final pattern.  I’m glad I did as I am really quite pleased with it. But – but – I have no idea what to call it.  My initial thoughts were around twists and turns, or ropes and wraps – even toffee wrappers, but I really don’t like any of these.

I asked my daughters and one suggested the twists look like moths.  Oooh – I like that.  So how do I incorporate moths into a name?

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