Somerset Levels

We drove down to Somerset on Saturday morning. It may seem like a long way to go, but we were collecting our grandson on Sunday morning. We didn’t want to do the whole journey both ways in one day, so set off very early, 6 am, on Saturday and eventually got to the Somerset Levels by 11 am after a brief stop for a good breakfast. We were visiting RSPB Ham Wall there and were astounded to hear from the warden that they were expecting hundreds of people there at sunset for the starling murmuration. We spent the day exploring the site which is mainly reedbeds and has some good walks along the ponds as well as the basic hides and screens overlooking the water.

The late afternoon sun was spectacular and I got some nice photos of the reedbeds and a rather splended heron. Herons really are quite majestic and although pretty common, are always a delight.

By 3 pm the car park was completely full and there were cars parked along the road as far as you could see. They were using parking wardens. This certainly was a change for us. The starlings were not in the slightest perturbed by the hundreds of people along the path. They arrived on schedule in their thousands as the sun was setting. They performed brilliantly and then descended into the reedbeds for the night, turning the beds into ‘bedroom central’. They turned the reedbeds black as they massed together with some energetic individuals shooting back and forth over the top. It really is a sight to behold.

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