2019 in figures

I got a fitbit three years ago and have embraced its use ever since. I actually make a note of my daily steps in a spreadsheet and do closely check my resting heart rate and sleep patterns. So here is my year in figures. 

Total number of steps:  3,644,369 – that gives me a daily average of 9985.  I’m really quite annoyed with myself as I only needed to do a few thousand more to get the average over 10,000. Never mind, something to aim for in the future. 

2019 step count. The horizontal line is the 70,000 goal for each week.

I enjoy swimming and we swim at the University pool regularly. This year I have done 140 swims to clock up just over 178 Km, with an average length of just over 1.25 Km. There is a big variation in here. Last month was very poor, we were away for a few days and the whole christmas celebrations sidelined our good intentions! I was obviously feeling good in June as I averaged nearly 1.4 km per swim.

I also check my weight daily. I know some say that you shouldn’t do this, but I find it helpful to be able to tell if I am being too enthusiastic with the chocolate. I started the year in Australia at around 70 Kg (11 stone or 154 pounds) and finished 5 kg lighter at 65kg (10 st 3 or 143 pounds). I know it’s not spectacular but it’s slow and steady and has stayed off. Three years ago I was over 76 kg so I’m pleased to get it all going in the right direction.

I’m starting the year doing a 30 day yoga challenge with Tim Senesi Yoga.  He’s very good and provides just enough information and encouragement without making it too hard or disheartening.

In that time I’ve also published 5 patterns, which is not enough, considering I have at least 8 waiting for me to finish writing the pattern!  Must do better in future.

20009 and 2019

Today, this week, this month, this year is the start of the twenties. I’ve included 2009 and 2019 photos of me above.  I’m not sure what significance this has other that a bit of fun. I am older, yes, wiser, probably not, more fulfilled, yes as I no longer have to ‘go to work’ on a regular basis. As a mantra for the next decade I’ll repeat an idea that a good friend sent us for our wedding. It is simply, Be Kind. 

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