Mid-December Digest

  • Full Skein Dyeing
  • Fabulous seascapes
  • A Birthday Discount
  • Someone else with a passion for wool

We are half way through December and the shopping and eating extravaganza that are involved in the Christmas celebrations are gathering pace. Having said that we don’t really do very much over the actual Christmas Holiday. Our family has been here for this weekend and we have exchanged presents and had a lovely meal – a not so traditional vegan curry.  Having four daughters, we have a ‘Northern Christmas’ earlier in December which removes any conflict over the actual holiday so that they can celebrate with their own families, boyfriends, husbands etc.  It also means that it is all ‘over and done with’ for us and we can enjoy the presents that we already have. So I can spend Christmas day reading, knitting and going for a good walk. It certainly beats panicking about last minute presents, rushing round the kitchen, and trying to keep everyone fed and watered.    

December so far has seen a 25% discount on all my patterns. This is to celebrate my birthday which is next week. I have also been able to gift the Baby Cabin blanket. The recipient made an appearance on Saturday so she will have a Christmas/December birthday like me. I am very much looking forward to meeting her and will certainly post photos of her under it. The pattern is almost ready for testing so I’ll put it on Yarnpond soon, but probably not start the test till the end of December.

I had a great time doing some experimental dyeing with some avocado stones. This time, I took the plunge and actually dyed some skeins of wool. I am really very pleased with the results – though don’t think at the current pace of 3 skeins per week it is likely to be a commercial project! I’m currently swatching some ideas for a triangular wrap but I am still not happy so it maybe a day or so before I actually get started. I have plans to do some more dyeing before Christmas. This time I’m looking at some double knit superwash merino in purple or blue using red cabbage. I have plans for this wool also – a cowl/hat combination. 

Talking of cowls and hats, I almost forgot that I’ve just completed an interesting hat and cowl using mosaic knitting in 4 ply. They are provisionally called ‘corners’ for obvious reasons I think. See the image at the top of this. There is a hat to match but I have momentarily misplaced it. I know this sounds astonishingly incompetent, but we are currently dog-sitting. Caya is lovely, adorable and excitable and has a passion for wool!  Before she arrives all woolen items have to be placed on high shelves or she will happily do her version of frogging. It is not pretty. I don’t cope with it very well. So the hat is somewhere on a shelf – I’ll find it when she’s gone home.

We spent a couple of days on the Yorkshire coast at Scarborough at the start of December. The weather was dreadful with winds of over 40 mph. However, this meant some fantastic seas and a very wild walk around the headland. I know ‘forest bathingis highly recommended but the old fashioned ‘taking in the sea air’ has a lot to be said for it. It was cold, it was wet, it was windy and my goodness we felt wonderful.

If you are feeling like a bit of intellectual stimulation, take a look at the fabulous festive calendar from the Oxford Department of Continuing Education. I love this and will be posting about it on the blog later today or tomorrow. Have a great Christmas, or whatever holiday you happen to be celebrating.  I’ll have more news and updates as we head into 2020. 

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