Notable in November

It’s been a busy month with knitting and other topics on the blog.  I started a series of posts on creating accessible patterns.  Digital accessibility is my ‘day job’ so thought I really ought to try and improve practice in the fibre community.  Unfortunately, most patterns fall short of basic accessibility standards with an example on one of the posts showing such poor contrast that it turns almost completely black when you change the settings. Others are much better. I won’t name names, though it is tempting. I’ll be covering using HTML and audio next month.

I finally got Widening Gyre published. This is a lovely scarf/wrap and there are some great examples from the test knitters included on the ravelry page. I’m going to do a quick post highlighting the patterns currently available. It’s not a massive number, but it is growing!
December is not just about Christmas and never has been for me and many others with December birthdays. So for my birthday month, I’ve reduced all my patterns on Ravelry by 25%. It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on sales – as December is pretty quiet with the focus on gift knitting. I attempted to get a shawl test knit last year from November onwards and although plenty of people signed up, every single one pleaded Christmas as a reason they couldn’t complete. I did think of reminding them all that the date is the same each year – 25 December. It’s not like Easter that moves.

I did have the urge to do some baby knitting though for the friends who are expecting their first child any day now. It’s a simple little festive looking jumper – see header image.
I have started some tentative experiments with dying yarns.  I’ve got a selection to work with, a double knit superwash merino, some 4 ply non-super wash merino and a gorgeous alpaca with silk and linen (see header image). I have had to buy a few bits and bobs, including a dye pot, some alum and a set of universal indicator strips. It’s a bit like going back to my University days. I am going to be brave in the next week or so and actually do some whole skeins. I have plans for the double knit and the alpaca so need to get them done. 

In my favourites post I included information on the new BBC series of His Dark Materials.  It’s fabulous!

I also have been playing around with a drawing app to create a couple of ‘advertising’ videos. I did a 25% off one for my birthday discount.

December is my Birthday month, so 25% off all patterns.

Finally I had to write something to say farewell to a literary and cultural icon.  Most people in the UK would know him as a jovial and witty TV presenter. Clive James was a brilliant and skilled writer and poet. His writing makes my heart sing. This is the introduction to his essay on The Meaning of Recognition.  His writing showed his skill and dexterity with words and arguement.  Although his bon mots and searingly funny put-downs are a delight he had a depth of knowledge and understanding the surpasses most modern commentators.

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