Birthday Discount

I know there is a lot of excitement at this time of year but for those of us with December birthdays, the focus is not entirely on Christmas.

So for my birthday month, I have added a 25% discount to all my patterns on Ravelry.

Current content on Ravelry – December 2019.

In no particular order they are:

Perivale – a lovely lovely wrap that is so easy to work and looks great.

Anascrecca – a shawl inspired by the colours of the euroasian Teal.

Cirrus Curls – my first foray into hat design. There are many more in the works!

Spring Tide Headband – one of a complete set (yet to be published) with a hat and cowl.

Tanilba Bay – delicate ripples of lace providing a stunning throw/wrap.

Widening Gyre – the winding construction gives it drape and style and is quick and easy to work. It would look good in any size.

The top two items in the image above are still to be published but they are on their way!

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