We are great David Hockney fans and loved seeing his work, ‘The Arrival of Spring’ done in 2011 in East Yorkshire.  Each image depicts a specific day between January and June.  It shows the changing landscape and emerging spring flowers.  They were all done completely on an iPad.  The app he uses is called Brushes and it also records the process of producing the work that can be replayed as a video.  As part of a major retrospective at the Tate last year, they showed some of his work in this way.  Salts Mill has a good selection of prints from the work.

12 May 2011 by David Hockney. Available in the shop at Salts Mill.

In a much less skilled and artistic way – this can also be used for a bit of fun and to do a bit of video advertising. 

I’ve really enjoyed doing these examples. I’ll add the last one to instagram.

For anyone wondering how to do this, you need the Brushes Redux app. It’s very simple to use, my 6 year old grandson is ace using it. Unfortunately it’s not available for android, which is a surprise and a shame.

When you create an image it automatically saves the process as a video. You can then use the ‘screen recording’ option on the ipad to record the video and then save to your photos. You can then just edit out the clunky bits at each end of the segment in the photos app.  It also means you can actually have something on screen rather than a white page – a mistake I made with my first one.  

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