Widening Gyre

The Widening Gyre scarf pattern is now available on Ravelry. I’ll also add it to Love Crafts in the near future.

Widening Gyre is a phrase coined by the Irish poet, W B Yeats, in the opening line of his post-war apocalyptic poem, The Second Coming. A gyre is a circular motion or form and so describes this spiral scarf.

Various images showing the scarf in all its glory!
Widening Gyre has a relatively simple pattern for a beautiful but stylish scarf.

Widening Gyre follows a simple pattern that creates a stylish scarf or a dramatic structural wrap. Each row has a 1 stitch increase at the end of a right-side row and then again at the start of the wrong side row.

After 24 rows have been worked, 14 stitches are bound off at the ‘straight’ side. That is the edge without the increases. The scarf is constructed with a regular 6 row block with a single row of eyelets framed by a reverse stockinette row. There are 4 repeats for each block of the Gyre pattern with 14 stitches being bound off at the start of the third. The stitch count grows by 10 stitches in each block.

One of my test knitters added the following on Instagram ” This was a beautiful pattern to test, l suggest anyone looking for a shawl pattern that’s not to difficult for a beginner knitter and also interesting enough for an experienced knitter to buy this pattern as soon as its released and knit it up as a gift or keep it for yourself. ” I couldn’t have put it better myself!

I loved doing this scarf and am planning a similar one using heavier yarn in the near future.

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