All Dutch to me

We are currently staying at our eldest daughter’s house looking after their little boy Oscar. He is three and a half and simply adorable. Of course any grandparent would say that but really – he is lovely. His daddy is Dutch and his mummy English. Of course this means that even at aged 3 he understands both English and Dutch equally well. He doesn’t however, speak English with as much fluency as he is a little Dutch boy and everyone speaks to him in Dutch apart from his mummy and us. So we tend to get ridiculous conversations whereby he chatters away to use and we reply. ‘Really, are you sure?’  If this is the wrong response he quickly lets us know. We do have to revert to ‘show us what you want’ at times.  It seems to work and over the last four days he has started using an increasing number of English words and phrases.  

Kate’s main photography page

While I am writing about being here, it’s an opportunity for me to highlight Kate’s business. She is a very talented photographer and maker.  Digital and high quality prints are available from her photography site along with her crochet projects.  It’s also worth taking a look at the blog that gives a good insight to her ways of working with the camera. 

In the meantime, I’ll be working on the current project – Ebro Delta wrap and relishing our last couple of days here with Oscar. Back to reality on Sunday! 🙂


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