October Actually

  • It’s getting cooler, danker and autumnal.
  • There is a harvest moon – though you can’t see it here as it’s inevitably cloudy.
  • Night out with the girls – all very well behaved, honestly.  
  • Widening Gyre is now being tested
  • Other stuff
October mid-month digest

This month seems to be flying by.  I suppose that spending the first 4 days away, means that it really only got going on Monday 7th, which is only just over a week ago.  However, I have been busy and things are moving on. We flew back to wet and windy Yorkshire with slightly heavy hearts. Spain is a beautiful country and worth exploring outside the busy tourist areas.

Last weekend I went over to my home town of Preston, in the North West of England to meet up with two friends who I met when we started school many years ago. It was such fun. We talked, we laughed, we had a few drinks. It was great. I wore my Tanilba Bay wrap and it was just right for a cool autumn evening.

I posted a short October favourites blog that featured a short radio series by Marian Keyes and the wonderful Mason Dixon Knitting site. The spiral scarf, Widening Gyre, which I think will be shortened to Gyre from now on, is now being test knit. We haven’t had any great traumas, so I’m hoping that I can publish it in November.  Counterchange is becoming the most edited and constructed pattern ever to have been written. I am on the final (I really hope final) changes. Although it is very easy to work, my tech editor has insisted in detailed instructions. Currently it is a shawl with a 15 page pattern including goodness knows how many charts and tables!  I hope it’s going to be worth it.

I spent much of the holiday evenings planning and swatching a new wrap. This is now in progress and I’m quite pleased with it so far. It’s probably called something like Ebro Delta I found the whole garter stitch bit very very boring, but I’ve finished that now and am about to start the lacy end stuff – much more entertaining. I am pretty certain that I’m going to have to include some ‘how to read your knitting’ instructions with this pattern. It’s another very simple one, but it is crucial that you can check that you are in the right place and on the right track. If a bit of effort means that the questions are reduced then it will be well worth it.

One final note about my current book. It is The Shell Seekers by Rosamund Pilcher.  It is fabulous.  I got it on the ‘kindle daily deal’ for 99p.  It was published in 1987 and there are a few cliches that I’m happy to ignore. It is a cracking read that alternates between the pre-war and wartime Cornwall and 1980s Gloucestershire.

I will once again be heading over to Europe in a week’s time. We are going to The Netherlands to visit and look after our youngest grandson. There will be lots of dog walking, playing with Oscar and I’ll be taking my knitting so I’ve got lots to keep me busy.  

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