Delta Wrap – Work in Progress

We didn’t just spend our time in Spain looking at birds.  I did a lot of planning and swatching for a new wrap.  It will probably have a name that reflects the delta as I do like to use ideas and motifs from our visits.  Having stopped and started with a number of stitches, I as usual reverted to a very simple stitch. The wrap starts with a shawl construction with two variations of yarn over, k2tog, stitches. 

Left – side 1, Right – side 2

The first side puts the eyelets on top of each other and the second side alternates them.

I like the different effects.  

Short rows to make the triangle

I continued with this pattern till there were 100+ stitches either side of the central increase.  I then did a couple of rows of reverse stockinette and then stopped at central increase.  Half of the row was saved onto spare yarn and I am now working on the other side.  Using short rows, I’m working a triangle in garter stitch with a simple 3 eyelet pattern along the ‘join’.  I am quite pleased with it.  

I am also swatching a lot to finally confirm for myself what the final stitch pattern is going to be.  I had chosen one, but on trying it out didn’t like it so it’s back to the drawing board.  I also still have to decide whether to continue working on the current side, or go over to the other and do the short rows/garter stitch bit. 

Confession – I am really bored with the garter stitch.  I know it’s a nice interval and gives a rest from working patterns but really, really?  Yawn!  

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