September Newsletter

While the UK seems to be undergoing a lashing from the weather, we’ve escaped to Spain for a week of sunshine and birds.  You can see a shot of last night’s sunset in the image here.

September projects – Catalonia Sunset, Baby Cabin Blanket and Widening Gyre

It’s been a busy month for knitting.  I finally completed the Baby Cabin blanket – above in green and yellow. I’m currently mid-pattern and am hoping to have it ready for testing in a few weeks. Widening Gyre is now on Yarnpond for testing. This is a lovely spiral scarf that I really enjoyed creating. It was a bit of a panic project as I needed something to take away camping and to do while watching cricket. I was in the middle of the Baby Cabin blanket and needed something that I could just work on without having to make lots of notes or row counts. It is a shape that I’ve been hoping to work on for a long time so am delighted that I’ve finally got it done. It’s very easy to do and although this is done in fingering/4 ply yarn it would look just as well in a heavier wool. For anyone wondering about the name, it is a phrase from a poem by W B Yeats. The Second Coming was written after the First World War.  It just seemed to be just about right in the current climate.

On the blog, I completed a quick review of my soap and shampoo bars. These have been a revelation and I’m delighted with the outcome – healthier shinier hair, despite all my grey bits. I also continued my focus on admitting that things are wrong and just redoing them and started what is going to be a regular post about wool.

Not on the blog but in real life, we went to see a band called Los Pacaminos featuring Paul Young. He is probably best known for the hit – ‘Wherever I Lay My Hat’ from 1983.  It was great to go to a gig as it’s not something we do often.

We have been in Spain for the last week. We had a great day out on the River Ebro on Sunday and I have added a brief report including a photo of an Osprey. I will post more photos next week once we are home.

As we head into October, I am optimistic that I will get a good selection of testers for Widening Gyre and that Counterchange will be ready for testing very soon.    


  1. Love your cabin blanket. I don’t knit fast enough to be a tester but I’ll definitely be buying the finished pattern. I also need to try one of your shampoo bars. I’m having more and more problems with the weight and general unwieldiness of shampoo bottles. Xxx


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