A Brief Spanish Stopover.

Photo showing the sun setting behind mountains.
Catalonian Sunset

We are currently on a short holiday on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We are about a hundred miles south of Barcelona on the Southern coast of Catalonia, or Catalunya in Catalan.  This is an autonomous region of north eastern Spain.  We are here to see the birds on the largest wetland region in the western Mediterranean.  The Ebro Delta is designated as a national park and provides a home for many bird species as well a stopping off point for many migratory birds. 

We are only here for a week, so have decided to invest in a guide for some of our days’ out birding.  Yesterday we travelled down the River Ebro. A real surprise of the trip was the shear number of kingfishers along the river. There were literally dozens. Every 10 or 15 minutes we had one either shoot along the bank or cross in front of us.  These are such a delight as they fly past in a blue or bright orange streak. 


It was soon clear that we are not the only brief visitors. There are still swallows here, doing a quick drop by on their way south to Africa. In addition there were three types of egrets, little, great white and cattle along with Caspian and whiskered terns.  As we were returning back to the town of Amposta we stopped by an island and the highlight of the day was 4 Osprey, also making a stopover on their way south. 

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