Handmade Soap and Shampoo bars

This is a bit off my usual topic for the blog but it is something that I’ve found to be so successful, I thought I’d share it.  I’m sure we can all remember the shock of seeing the amount of plastic that is contaminating our oceans. There is far too much throw away plastic in our lives and I’m still astonished at the number of people still taking crates of plastic bottled water in their supermarket trolleys. 

Friendly cruelty free, plastic free and vegan soaps and shampoo bars

I had seen a few mentions of shampoo bars on social media and of course, shampoo and other hair products are always in throw away plastic bottles.  Three months ago, I decided to try out shampoo and soap bars.  I ordered two of each from Friendly Soap who produce cruelty free, plastic free and vegan soap and shampoo. They are based in Yorkshire but ship their products to the whole of the UK.  Their bars are ‘hand made’ in a process that relies on good old fashioned elbow grease.  I have no idea how soap is made so I can’t comment on how impressive or otherwise this is. 

Anyway, the soaps are lovely, and smell nice. The shampoo however has been a total revelation.  I am growing my hair again after many years of spending silly amounts of money on both products and hairdressers.  I have never had such healthy, silky, shiny hair.  I waited three months before posting this but actually had positive results within a couple of weeks. 

When you first use the shampoo bars which really do produce lovely thick creamy lather, your hair feels ‘stripped’ after you have rinsed it.  However, I took the advice from the website and created my own ‘lemon rinse’ with very diluted lemon juice.  Soap is alkaline and this causes the hair cuticles to open.  This gives your hair the ‘stripped’ feeling.  A quick rinse with the lemon or just wrapping it in a towel for 5 or 10 minutes leaves my hair feeling fabulous.  It is smooth, and easy to comb even when it’s wet. Once dry it’s even better.  I have greying hair that has bleached ends and I can confidently say these shampoo bars are the best thing I’ve used on my hair for decades.  All those products masquerading as beneficial were just providing solutions to the problems created by the other products.  So getting rid of them all and allowing my hair to ‘do its own thing’ has been liberating for me and my hair.  I’m sure these won’t be as successful for everyone but for me they are winners.  

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