Tanilba Bay Wrap

Tanilba Bay Wrap showing detail of the stitches
Tanilba Bay Wrap

The Tanilba Bay Wrap is now live on Ravelry with 10% off till the 10 September. I had intended, and in fact posted on social media that it would be published on Sunday, but my assumption that I could pre-programme a time and date for publication was incorrect. As I clicked Publish – expecting a page giving me options for when, I got a message saying that it was now live.

It’s a gorgeous knit and I’ve had nothing but nice things said by all the testers.

I really can’t thank my testers enough. They are efficient, competant and very very good at spotting my (ahem) deliberate mistakes – 🙂 .

Eastern Curlew in Tanilba Bay

Tanilba Bay is a lovely bay in New South Wales, Australia. It’s about an hour north of Sydney on the coast by Newcastle. It’s part of Port Stephens and we spent a lovely week there in January this year. The bay itself is very shallow and at low tide you can walk right out. Endangered Eastern Curlew are frequent visitors. The rivulets of water and the rippled sand at low tide inspired the two patterns in the wrap – Water and Sand. In fact it’s a bit like Morecambe Bay in England – not as big and much much warmer!

The wool I used for the sample is from Eden Cottage Yarns, a local company based here in Yorkshire, who create beautiful hand dyed yarns in simple but gorgeous colours. The sample above uses Bowland 4 ply, (fingering) in colourway ‘Campanula’. It’s a Blueface Leicester wool and very fine and drapey – ideal for this in fact.

Test knit looking over the Lake

Some photos of the test wraps are on the Ravelry page. Take a look. There are options in silk, double knit and some fancy coloured ones. All look great and show how individual choices change the look and feel of a garment.

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