Swatching success

I wrote earlier this week about the need to embrace the fact that things go wrong sometimes. At other times of course, things go surprisingly well. These are the times to cherish and enjoy. I had one of those this week as I had a small spark of an idea about knitting vertical coloured stripes as I was driving home a day or so ago.

Image showing navy blue and white striped hat.

I was planning, well I still am planning, to do a baby sweather for a lovely little dot called Edith who is just 11 months old. Alas, Edith got sidelined as I did a quick swatch with some lovely soft cotton yarn. It worked. I immediately started a hat to show off my newly found expertise with stripes. I’m not too keen on the rib at the cuff so might just tuck that under.

I also had about 3 more ideas for using this with more complex garments. Last night I did another swatch – nah. That idea really didn’t work, but I’ve used the information learned and planned a further two that really will show off the very different feel to the fabric that this stitch produces. It’s not drapey at all. Not a bit. It really doesn’t drape. Do you get the message? So it won’t make a good shawl, wrap or cowl but I have plans. (maniacal laughter).

In the meantime, Edith’s sweater is likely to be started this evening. I think that will be quite cool too.

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