Making Connections

I’ve been working on this site for about six weeks now. I eventually managed to get a mailchimp account working and a pop-up and static forms for the site. Hopefully if you have visited for the first time, you will get the pop-up. After that if you want to subscribe to the newsletter then you can do so by clicking on the Newsletter Subscription option at the top of the page.

I of course, use Instagram on a daily basis both to showcase things that are here or to see what others are doing. I have a few favourite instagram accounts that I follow and I’ll cover those next week. My latest post is of a finished object that is a spiral scarf/shawl. It’s a very simple but effective pattern that is a dream to work and very quick. I’ll be getting on with the pattern this weekend with a view to sending it for tech editing next week.

It’s provisionally called ‘Widening Gyre” which is a phrase from the first line of ‘The Second Coming” by W B Yeats. It’s also the name of a series of Batman comic books (also taken from the W B Yeats poem) but I decided to ignore that bit. I discovered this when I looked at the hashtag #wideninggyre – isnt instagram instructional! The poem is very powerful and apolcalyptic. The last two lines of the first verse are:

The best lack all conviction, while the worst   
Are full of passionate intensity.

I will leave you to make your own assumptions regarding the relevance of those lines written 100 years ago.

Image showing a screen shot of the facebook page for LisaFeatherstone Knitwear
Screenshot of Facebook page.

Going back to making connections, I also have a Facebook page. I confess I find this totally unfathomable. I share my instagram posts on there add links to each of these posts. As for all the other gubbings – no idea. I’m sure it would be beneficial for me to work out what could be done and how it will help but I’m not sure if I have the inclination. Perhaps if someone could point me in the direction of a good tutorial?

Finally, my most used bit of social media is probably twitter. I’ve been on there since 2007 and I think can probably be described as reasonably enthusiastic. There are some horrible people on there, and I can understand some twitterers taking time away now and again. I tend not to add too much about knitting but suspect that will change as I have more patterns published. I did consider using a different twitter account for knitting but having used word releted ones in the past, I know it’s difficult to keep them separate. So – Notlob I shall stay in the twittersphere. Notlob, was a name I somehow picked up at university many many years ago. I think it was a Monty Python reference, and is in fact Bolton, backwards. No I’m not from Bolton, but that didn’t stop others using the name.

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