How is it for you?

Following on from the last post on creativity and wellbeing I am asking for contributions from others who spend time being creative, whether that is art, craft, performance or anything else that engages you.

Beach scene
Can creating help your mood?

A colleague and I are interested in the stories that people tell of the effect that creative endeavours have on their mood, self esteem and general well being.  Some report a feeling of self satisfaction as a project is completed, or just delight in a job well done. Others use the process of creativity as a distraction from concerns or worries, while many find the concentration and focus to be beneficial for their general state of mind.

To get a clearer picture of how a diverse range of individuals are affected by creative activities, we have created a simple set of questions to collect individual stories from crafters, artists, makers and performers.  There is no barrier to taking part in this questionaire and we are happy to hear about any sort of activity.  We are not planning to produce an academic or scientific account but will collate and share stories and highlight similar and differing experiences.  Any type of creative activity will be included and we will accept stories from anyone over the age of 18.  

The link to the questions is here – 2019 Creativity Questions. The form will open in a new tab in your browser. The questions are short and simple. If you would like to contribute more to this there is an option to provide your email address and we can arrange an online discussion.

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