Initiate Knit Design Challenge

Perivale Wrap, my first published pattern.

I mentioned previously that I started my design journey in 2018 by taking part in the Initiate Knit Design Challenge conceived and run by Francois (Frenchie) Danoy, of Aroha Knits. This is a fantastic programme and it was the one thing that got me going in designing and publishing my own patterns. I’ve not published that many but there are a lot in the pipeline. It’s encouraging that she is running the same programme again this year. The previous link will take you to an instagram post that gives you all the details but you’ll need to complete the form on her website to take part.

If you had ever considered creating and publishing your own patterns, then this is the programme to get you started. She provides a simple but effective design framework, along with an essential element of the programme, a community. Others are going through a similar journey with their own doubts, fears, lack of confidence, and of course a their own personal version of imposter syndrome.

Early ideas – that eventually turned into the Perivale Wrap

I felt like I had been given permission to take part in this particular journey and loved the process from the start. It’s one that has given me huge amounts of pleasure.

I am now taking it much more seriously, with this blog and ensuring that I get the patterns written more efficiently in a more timely way.

You’ll ‘meet’ a wide range of other knitters who are all on the same journey as you. At the end of the programme, there is also an opportunity to join her ‘Swatch Studio‘. This provides master classes on all the skills you’ll need to design, publish and market your patterns, as well as an online community forum providing support and encouragement for those in the early stages of their design journey.

If I can do it, I’m sure others can. You just need to take that first step. The enthusiasm from Frenchie and everyone else will take you further than you could ever have imagined.

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