Emergency Knitting

We went away camping last week. As usual we used our comprehensive list of things that we need to take. This is essential as we’ve been away before without useful things like cutlery and even pillows. Once we set off to the coast, I was mentally going through the packing when the realisation hit me that I’d not packed my knitting. It may seem a simple omission to some but it was a severe blow for me. I spend my evenings knitting. I may do other things, watch tv, listen to podcasts or possibly talk to my husband, but these are all accompanied by knitting.

I told myself it would be fine. We were already nearly 40 miles away and even I couldn’t justify turning round. An evening without would be a pleasant alternative but four nights in the tent? It was Saturday, the shops wouldn’t open again till Monday. Needless to say on Monday morning I had investigated all local yarn shops and ended up in a department store called Boyes in Scarborough. These are amazing stores. It’s a bit like going back in time and they truly epitomise the saying, ‘pile em high’. However, they have a very good haberdashery section and yes they sell yarn – and importantly needles.

Although there were no options for 100% wool, I got some simple lemon and white King Cole Cottonsoft double knitting and some circular needles. I had no idea what I was going to do, so I started on a simple shawl. I’m now back home and alternating with the stuff I left behind, a spiral scarf thing and the shawl. I’m really quite pleased with it.

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