Books, an Introduction

I’ve always been an enthusiastic reader and like everyone else I have my favourite authors.  I love reading anything by Alan Bennett and I eagerly read the excepts from the previous year’s diary published in the London Review of Books.  I’ll write more about him in a later post – well I’ll write more about most of the things I mention here.  This is just a quick introduction. 

Jane Harper books

Another favourite is Tim Winton from Western Australia.  His book of short stories ‘The Turning‘ is I think one of the best I’ve ever read.  Apparently it was made into a film in 2013.  I’m always slightly wary seeing films of favourite books. They rarely live up to the written version and the characters almost inevitably look just wrong. Other Australian writers I enjoy are Thomas Keneally, and we’ve just discovered Jane Harper. What can I say, my goodness what a talent.  If you are at all unsure whether to buy her first novel, The Dry, – go into a book shop and read the prologue.  It’s just over a page in length, so easy to read standing in the shop and as you finish it you’ll walk straight to the cash desk.  I’m not sure if this works quite as well if you do it online, but it’s worth a try.  The movie is currently in production with Eric Bana in the lead role – see previous reservations about films above.  

I don’t just read Australian fiction, I love Kate Atkinson and am looking forward to tucking into the latest Jackson Brodie book, Big Sky. It’s not out in paperback yet so will wait for that. A quick note on paper books v kindles. I have a kindle, I love it. However, sometimes you just want to own a book. Some books, like the ones I’ve mentioned here are good to have. I think the ebook v the paper version in a non-argument. My answer is both, or it depends. Discuss?


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