Cirrus Curls

I’m not a great hat knitter but I loved this pattern and it was that time of year so it seemed like a good idea to combine the two.

Cirrus Curls is a quick DK hat with a twisted rib and a simple cable design, that will keep your ears toasty and warm no matter what the weather. The cable only involves two crossed stitches so is very easy to do without a cable needle – an important point for me.

Cirrus is well known as a type of wispy curled cloud. It comes from the Latin word meaning a ringlet or curling lock of hair. This hat in DK has simple columns of double tendrils or cirrus climbing up towards the crown and then coming together at the top.

It uses a rib stitch that has each stitch ‘twisted’. I do particularly like this version as it is more compact and I think neater. I also made a pom pom, as you can see in picture above. My test knitters shared photos of their versions and you can see them on the pattern page on ravelry.

One of my test knitters actually came up with a better version of the pattern. I didn’t include it in the final pattern document but will use it in the near future. Why was it better? Mainly because I wanted a sort of ‘double helix’ look to it and his version, (yes male test knitters, whatever next!) did the job in a slightly more efficient way.

Ravelry link for Cirrus Curls

Love Crafts links for Cirrus Curls.

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