Anascrecca Shawl

The Euroasian Teal is a lovely little duck. It has a fabulous flash of colour just under its wing – where the colour name teal comes from. Anas Crecca is the scientific name for the Teal.

Teal showing it’s bright flash of ‘teal’ feathers

The main body of the shawl has a simple but effective slip stich pattern to give texture and allow the hand dyed yarn to excel. A short bright stripe of teal then gives way to a rich lace pattern in gently variegated yarn from Madelinetosh.  

The overall effect is a stunningly soft and gentle wrap that can be worn in a variety of ways. The Teal stripe adds a quirky quick flash of delight, just like the duck as it takes off.

I love wearing shawls and mainly use them as an over elaborate scarf. It works for me. I find they are ideal in centrally heated houses when a jumper is just too much but a little extra comfort and warmth is needed.

Ravelry link for Anascrecca.

Love Crafts link for Anascrecca

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