Starting the Design Journey

Perivale Wrap

Back in August 2018 I saw an instagram post  from Frenchie at Arohaknits. It was for a free online programme called Inititate Knit Design.  I signed up for the programme straight away.  Frenchie does lots of work with new designers and runs a community hub called the Swatch Studio Circle that includes video master classes, regular talks and discussions on different aspects of knit design and running a successful business as a maker. 

Since then I’ve had a few patterns published on Ravelry and now have a good workstream of others in the pipeline.  I love creating, knitting and wearing shawls, scarves and wraps, so they were a natural focus for my efforts.  I did have a few false starts.  I find the test knitting process on ravelry to be astonishingly complex and was delighted to find Yarnpond a simple and effective site that pairs up testers and designers. For a small fee, designers can list their patterns on there, you give the test a schedule and hope that some testers will sign up.  I’ve had some great feedback using this site. 

One problem I seem to have is that I always have more ideas than I can possibly turn into reality. I then have to filter them into achievable in terms of pattern development and creation of the final idea.  I’m currently in the throes of grading my first sized garment. It has been an experience!

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