About me

Hand-Knit Designs

I have been knitting for as long as I can remember.  I’ve had a lot of ‘breaks’ especially when my daughters where past the age of simple hand knit cardigans.  I started again in earnest when a new local yarn shop opened close to us and I started a new job where there were some enthusiastic lunchtime knitters. 

The pattern book I bought was from an unknown, to me, scottish designer called Ysolda. I loved the classic but stylish designs.  Moving on 8 years I saw an ad for an online campaign to support anyone wanting to design their own hand knits by Francoise (Frenchie) Danoy. I cannot recommend the ‘Initiate Knit Design’ programme highly enough. Once I got going, I have simply not stopped. I still need a big push to make myself get on and get the patterns written and now have a workstream of patterns in the process of being edited, tested and then published. 

I also have a small business as an education consultant working with colleges and universities on digital accessibility within teaching and learning. I enjoy regular swims, working in the garden, birding and reading as well as the knitting and creating for me and my famility. 

Currently on Ravelry

Cirrus Curls



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